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Rediscover TALENT
Hire Your Future Team

High Quality Talent Pool

Best Curated Talents exclusively handpicked- and headhunted. Mapping Industry-competitors


Hire within 2 Weeks

Interview starts within 48 Hours. Be amused to have the offer rollout / Joinees within 2 weeks.

Pay Only if You Hire

Pay only after candidate Joins your Company. 100 Day Free Replacement on unforseen Egrees

Worry Free Hiring!
ZERO Obligations till your GOALS are met.
Skill Plug is a boutique Talent Search firm specializing in both Tech and Non-Tech recruitment needs.

We Help Startups to corporations find the right talent at the right time at an optimised cost.
Geared up to hire the best talent?

Top-Notch TalentPool

  • High quality, ready-to-interview candidate pool, well curated , handpicked & headhunted by us for you.
  • Those we chose to represent are sourced EXCLUSIVELY for that specific Client and not shared with other clients.
  • Follow a 5 Point Profile Vetting(Deep-Screening) Process & 8 Check Point hiring filtration funnel.
  • You can rest assured that when you’re hiring from us, we’ll supply high caliber, relevant candidates to help you make the best hire to fuel your business.

Quickest Hire

  • TIME IS MONEY- We assure the best Turn-Around-Time to reach candidates is ASAP.

  • We setup interviews in hours, need not be amazed if you end up hiring within a TAT of just 2 weeks
  • You will start interviewing in 1st 48 hours from the time you get started with us.

  • We also feast our eyes on candidates who can join immediately, making it lesser than 2 weeks

Pay Only if You Hire

  • Pay only after candidate joins your team. We go by our motto- Hire First- Pay Later

  • Post candidate Hire, we have a 100 Days Candidate Replacement Guaranteed, on unforeseen cases of egress if hired candidate quits.
  • No Hidden Charges. No Subscription Charges. Pay only if You Hire, ZERO Obligation!

  • We charge a fair fee that is lowest in market. Compared to other sources/agencies, SkillPlug results in 60% reduction in cost for each candidate hired


  • More than a Decade of Experience in Hiring only for Startups. Our Hiring model- DNA is STARTUP only!

  • We are startup crooned experts helping startups firms which are in its very early stage, and firms struggling to find right talents to grow soon.
  • Focused only in the Ecosystem of Startups helps us strategise well and play the best hiring game for you.
  • When building a startup, the team has to be built with utmost care, just like how you handle your baby & it comes with many challenges, which is our expertise.

Data Driven Hiring

  • Making the best decisions, requires the best data; and this is especially true when making decisions on hiring talent.
  • We use pre-qualified data of the industry that help us understand the hiring market pulse.
  • From assessments, reports to continuous checks, we provide all of the data to ease the hiring process to our clients on a very frequent basis.
  • We take data that important, that makes us predicting a proximate ETA at the very start of the search.

A Great Business Without
will sooner become irrelevant!

Don’t think much, Let us build a Great Team for you

Wanna Know More? Why to choose Us ?


Get Right Candidate -> To Right Company -> At Right Time -> At Right Cost

How We Help Your Business Thrive?

Finding top candidate matches is only a small part of what has made us a one stop recruitment agency. Our staff, technology and commitment to a unique service, based on our belief in people, make us a trusted resource to build teams for digital future companies.

Hire First- Pay Later Policy
Pay Only after the candidate Joins You.
100 Day Free Replacement Guarantee!
No Subscription Charges or Pre-Paid Charges
Guaranteed Lowest price in Consulting market.

High quality, ready-to-interview candidate pool, handpicked by us. Well probed and curated even before you see the profile.

You will start interviewing in 1st 48 hours. High Probability to hire your candidate within just 2 weeks or even lesser.

Startup nurtured experienced talent consultants having spent a decade building teams from scratch at many startups, will fuel the Talent Growth at your startup.

Hiring process predicting a proximate ETA at the very start of the search. Highly relied Data and Facts to predict the Hiring elevation.

A purely dedicated Account Manager along will ease your worries of any kind of followup.
Anytime 6 days a week, we are just a call/chat away. Immediate response Guaranteed!

We Differ by our Choice

"Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress" -MK Gandhi

Now its your Chance to Choose

Skill Plug

0 – 2 weeks to Hire the Best Fit

Best ROI: Work starts from 7 % Fee

5 Level Pre-Screen Profile Vetting

Exclusively Sourced Candidates

Focused Hiring- Startup Ecosystem

Covid Plan: Hire every 5th 
Candidate at 50% fee*

Generic Agencies

4 – 8 weeks to Hire your Best Fit

Min 10% – 22%, Avg: 15% Fee

Max 2 Level Pre-Screen Profiles

Non Exclusive- Shared Candidate

Mixed Hiring – Chaotic Jumble

Not Flexible / Not Applicable

Geared to Hire the Best Team for your Startup?


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