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Frequently Asked Questions

We are focused towards Startup Hiring Only as per our experience and expertise.
We’re more choosy and selective, quicker in presenting you the best talent, hunt talent exactly as per your needs. Also, we are much cheaper than any other consultancy/agency witha flat rate

We reach thousands of Startup talents in a day across domains. We curate our talent through our 5 step Profile Vetting Process- Initial CV Screening, Skill Review Check, Technical Work Based Screening, Problem Solving Check, Domain Specific Check. Post offer as well we do a background check process to ensure the right candidate joins our clients.

Generally we love to close the positions in a week with offer release. Timelines are dependent on factors like niche requirement, market demand and interview panel availability, But considering the good scenarios we have closed each position within 15 days. Also you would start interviewing in candidates in as less ass 48 hours.

We don’t charge you anything until the candidate joins your company.
No Hidden Charges. No Subscription Charges. Pay only if You Hire, ZERO Obligation!
Hire First- Pay Later
Covid Free Plan: 1 Candidate charged at Zero Price for 3 Hires